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Nano Silver Particles and their Application :


Silver is a soft, white, lustrous metallic element with the chemical symbol Ag (derived from the Latin word Argentum) and atomic number 47, which possesses the highest electrical and thermal conductivity among all elements. Like gold, silver is a rare precious metal vastly used for thousands of years in the history of man’s civilization.


Silver is capable of destroying various pathogenic micro-organisms. Some of the applications of silver include the following: jewelry;   kitchen utensils; coins; dental alloys; photography; etc. Of the many applications of silver, its disinfecting properties are of particular interest for hygienic and medical purposes.  





Silver compound have found medical applications on a massive scale throughout history. Before the discovery of antibiotics, silver compounds were the main defense against infectious wounds during World War 1. In 1884, German specialists introduced in a journal the 1% silver nitrate eye solution for prevention of Gonococcal Ophthalmia Neonatorum, which is said to be the first documented article on medical applications of silver. Moreover, silver sulfa dine ointments have antibacterial properties and are used extensively for treatment of severe wounds and burns.


The antimicrobial properties of silver are not limited to contemporary or recent applications. In the wars fought in the old times, they used to place a silver coin on a soldier’s wound and then bandaged the wound. They used to keep milk in silver containers. The reason why contagious diseases would not spread in affluent districts was attributed to rich people’s eating their food off silver dishes. 








Today, through nano technology, man can turn silver into nano particles with sizes less than 100 nanometers. These particles are called silver nano particles or simply nano silver. They exhibit unusual physiochemical properties as well as biological activities. Due to extensive research activities in recent years, application of nano silver in the field of health has broadened. Due attention of research reports reveals that nano silver products are spreading rapidly in the market and the industry. The main reason for this rapid expansion remains the powerful antibacterial properties of silver.


Advantages of Nano Silver Technology :


1.    Nontoxic.

2.    Non-chemical (water solution).

3.    Environmentally friendly.

4.    Non-irritating to body.

5.    Non-allergic.

6.    Heat resistant.

7.    Broad spectrum properties.

8.    High rapid effectiveness even at low concentrations.

9.    Extra long lasting effects ion the applied surfaces.

10.   No adaptation and resistance develops in micro-organisms against nano silver.





It is to be pointed out that in spite of the very many advantages offered by this technology and the great revolution it has caused in antiseptic materials as well as society’s health and hygiene, unfortunately large chemical companies all around the world persistently maintain their efforts in preventing the development of this new technology.